Cuban style hand rolled cigars

Cigars/Cigar Roller

Our fresh Cuban style hand rolled cigars and a cigar roller or cigar roller(s) are available for your events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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Cigars/Cigar Bar

We can also provided our fresh hand rolled cigars and one of our cigar ambassadors. Great for when you just need cigars and an experienced cigar ambassador.

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Logo Cigars

Cuban style hand rolled cigars with custom logo.

Custom logo cigars available for any event.

Cigar Butler

Sabino aka “The Cigar Roller” has been hand rolling fresh Cuban style cigars in the Dallas/Fort Worth are since 2000. While on vacation in Costa Rica he stumbled upon a brand new cigar rolling school where he learned his trade in 2000.

Sabino’s biggest event was Super Bowl XLV. Other large events include NCAA final four and several other large sporting events. He has also rolled cigars for some of the largest and celebrity filled weddings and events.

While wedding are his biggest clientele, his cigar rolling services have been enjoyed by VIP guests at golf tournaments such as The Byron Nelson, Colonial and several corporate and private golf tournaments.

Cuban style hand rolled cigars

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