Cigars/Cigar Roller

Our Cuban style hand rolled cigars and a cigar roller to entertain your guests will make your next event memorable.

Cigar Bar with Cigar Hostess

Our Cuban style hand rolled cigars and our expert cigar hostess will add an exciting experience to your next event.

Mobile Cigar Lounge

No place to smoke?

Our 50 foot Mobile Cigar Lounge just might be the answer. Fully equipped with a bar, cigar roller, cigar hostess and a chef. Of course it includes our fresh Cuban style cigars

Cuban style hand rolled cigars

Cigar Roller

Our cigar roller(s) are available for your next event. Our fresh hand rolled Cuban style cigars are sure to excite your guests from beginner to cigar connoisseur.

Cigar bar

Our expert cigar hostesses will entertain your guests. They will cut and light cigars for your guests.

cigar hostesses at McAfee golf tournament

Mobile Cigar Lounge

Our mobile cigar lounge is a 50 foot MCI bus. Great for tailgating, smoking lounge or just a personal party. Includes a bar, rest room, seating for 40 and a humidor.

50 foot Mobile Cigar Lounge available. Great for tail gating.

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